“Travel Like You Train”TM

When you’re planning your next big race, take all the hassle out of bike transportation by sending your bike and race gear with Pro Bike Express. Make it happen here! We transport your bike and gear for triathlons, cyclo-cross, road, and mountain bike events in North America.

Don’t leave your most critical component to chance! Focus on your race, not the logistics of getting your bike and gear there. You train like a pro: why not travel like a pro too? We do what others only talk about doing: we provide you with a hassle-free bike concierge service that includes personalized attention to you, your gear, and your race needs. Our very careful attention to detail, and services that are tailored to give you as much or as little support as you need, are what set us apart from other bike transport services. Our motto is: Travel Like You Train™. You train like a pro, so travel like one too!

Pro Bike Express’ process is simple. We collect a $25.00 registration deposit, which reserves a spot for your bike, as there are only 50 slots available. Once we have 15 or more registrations for an event, transportation to that event is confirmed to you by an e-mail from PBE. Your $25.00 deposit will be applied to the remaining balance payable for your event. If you pay the full amount of your service (as per the above pricing) and we do not receive enough interest in event that you registered for, we will credit back the balance of the service that you chose or transfer those funds to any future Pro Bike Express event. If for any reason you are unable to go to your event, you will be charged a $25.00 service fee charged to your account.


Reservations/Events: Pro Bike 2016 event schedule

Rates/ Concierge services: Register here


Pricing is based on a combination of services and support you would like to receive, and it may also vary depending on the distance that must be traveled to reach an event.

$90.00 to $269.00: Secured bike transport * Prices vary depending of distance and # of bikes

$28.00 for gear or wheel bags

*$30.00 Concierge Service *For triathlons, this service includes post-race bike pick-up from transition 1, as well as bike/gear bags. We will also hang your wetsuits near your bike during transport back to your original destination, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with a musty-smelling wetsuit.

$40.00 pre-race hotel drop off

Once your selection is made, Pro Bike Express will e-mail all registered athletes that transport to your event is confirmed!



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