Why should I use Pro Bike Express instead of flying my bike?

There are many good reasons to use Pro Bike Express rather than trusting your bike to the airlines. Let’s start with the hassle factor!

If you transport your bike by air…

  • If you don’t already own a bike case, you will have to purchase, rent, or borrow one. A decent bike case costs anywhere from $400 to $1200 to purchase.
  • You will have to dismantle your bicycle and stuff it and all the gear you can possibly fit into the case.
  • The bike and case together cannot exceed 50 lbs. or the size limits if you don’t want to get an excess bag/bulky item charge. And let’s face it. It rarely ends up being under 50 pounds, or within the ever-changing size limits.
  • Bag fees seem to go up every year, and taking a bike by air usually costs at LEAST $150 one way. And these days you often have to pay for any bag you take at all, so you might be paying fees for a suitcase, a gear bag, and a bike bag. Grand total might be around $220.
  • And now the human factor: are you sure the many people who will be handling your bike care as much about your slick machine as you do?
  • How many stories have you heard of athletes arriving at their event, only to find the airline has lost their bike? Or broken the frame or wheels?
  • Once you get to your race location, you have to rent a larger, more expensive vehicle to accommodate the bike and all your gear.
  • Then you have to put your bike together…
  • After the event you have to go through this whole process all over again.

Bike Transport through Pro Bike Express

  • Drop off bike and gear with Pro Bike Express
  • Pick up bike at event
  • Drop off bike and gear and go have fun after your race
  1. Why should I use Pro Bike Express instead of a much larger bike transport company?
    • We provide first-class, high-quality transportation service for our customers’ bicycles and race gear.
    • Your bike and race essentials are handled with the utmost care and transported in our custom team bicycle trailer, which is equipped with multi-layer alarm systems.
    • Less down time from your bike, as we will only transport and support as many bikes as we have racks for.
    • We are located in Colorado and cater to Rocky Mountain cyclists who race in North America (including Canada).
    • There are no hidden costs or processing fees charged to you when you register online and pay with cash or check. We do NOT send you to Active.com so you have to spend even more money. We pass this savings along to our customers.
    • Our cargo insurance policy covers your bicycle and race essentials for their current value. We do not charge you extra for insuring your items if their current value exceeds $1,000. Bulk carriers charge you extra for insuring your bicycle.
    • Your bicycle will remain secure and dry in our trailer until such time as you claim it. We will not leave your bike in the pouring rain like bulk carriers do.
  2. Do I have to dismantle my bicycle? No dis-assembly needed. Your empty water bottles, saddle-mounted or seat-post mounted hydration systems (dry), spare-tire/CO2 cartridge apparatus, and your cycle computer can all stay mounted to your bicycle.
  3. Do I have to pack my bicycle in a bike case? No. A bike case is not necessary for our transportation purposes. We have individual mounts for every bike we transport.
  4. My bike cost $4,000 new; will it be insured during transit? Yes, your bike will be covered by our cargo insurance for its current value. If your bike cost $4,000 new and it is now 5 years old and has 20,000 miles on it, it will be covered for what it is currently worth. That is per our cargo insurance company. Please remember to declare the value of your belongings when you register.
  5. Will Pro Bike Express stop by my house, or where exactly do I drop off my bike? You leave your bike at one of our partner multi-sport shops. We would only stop by your residence under special circumstances.
  6. Where will I find Pro Bike Express at the race site? When possible, we will be positioned near the transition area or race expo during packet pickup times if we are partnered with the race director. As with all vendors, the race director will determine where and when we can set up. If we are not partnered with the race director, other arrangements will be made. We may set up at the host hotel or a local bike shop near the race venue.
  7. Why is my event not listed on the Confirmed Races page? Unfortunately we cannot serve every event. We are growing our business and are in the process of partnering with more race directors. We encourage you to let us know if you want us to add your event to our itinerary. We also highly recommend that you contact your race director and encourage them to partner with Pro Bike Express.
  8. Why are there no partner multi-sport shops near my residence? Unfortunately we cannot stop at every bike shop in every city. We are growing our business and are in the process of partnering with more multi-sport shops. We encourage you to let us know if you want us to add your city and multi-sport shop to our itinerary. When we have enough athletes interested in our service from specific area or region, we will add a stop-off point there.
  9. I will not be able to attend my race. What is your refund policy? Pro Bike Express will honor a 100% refund (less a $25 processing fee) to those who notify us with a minimum of 30 days advance notice before their scheduled event. After that, we will honor a 100% refund (less a $50 processing fee), or you may choose to receive a full credit toward another event we serve during the same calendar year. All refunds will be made in the form of business check and delivered via the US Postal Service.
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