The Details:

  • Quality Service. Your bicycle and race gear are handled with the utmost care when placed in our team bike trailer. Once we pick up your bike from a partner multi-sport/bike shop, it will remain mounted on its own private rack until you come to get it. You will not find your race bike unprotected in the pouring rain. Photo ID or claim checks will be required to claim your possessions. Your bicycle will be waiting for you fully assembled when you arrive. We specialize in quality, not quantity.
  • Timely delivery. We cater to Rocky Mountain athletes who race nationally. We do not stop in every major city while crisscrossing the country, stopping to pick up as many bikes as possible. We pick up from a limited number of cities, which allows you to keep your race bike longer to get in that last ride before dropping it off at one of our multi-sport shop partners. After your event, you get your bike back sooner than with the bulk carriers that have to go BACK through all those cities where they picked up bikes on the way to the race.
    • Transport Rates. Our transportation rates cannot be beat for the first-class service we provide. You will actually save money by using our service and not flying with your bike. And you won’t have to deal with the hassle of breaking down your bike, packing it into a case, worrying about it getting damaged on the plane, then having to build it back up for your race. And then having to go through that whole process again after the race.
    • There are no processing fees charged to you when you pay with cash or check.
    • Cargo Insurance Coverage. Our cargo insurance policy covers your bicycle for its current value. With Pro Bike Express you will not need to purchase additional insurance for your belongings. The airlines and bulk carriers will charge you extra for insuring your items if the declared value exceeds ~$1,000.
    • Multi-layer alarm systems in the custom-designed bike trailer, where each bicycle has its own personal rack that keeps it secure during transport. We can only transport as many bikes as we have racks for, so space is limited. Our clients are those who want their expensive racing machines taken care of and not crammed into rental trucks separated by thin moving blankets. To ward off would-be thieves, our truck has an alarm system, while our trailer is equipped with multi-layer alarm systems.
    • Convenience. Pro Bike Express offers high quality, first class, and very secure transportation for you bicycle and race gear. Let us transport your bicycle and race gear to and from your next event. You do not have to dismantle your bike. After the race you can go do something fun or relaxing without lugging around bulky bike cases. Pro Bike Express will save you time, money, worry and hassle.
    • Who takes care of my bike and gear? Yours truly, Wesley Smith, owner and operator of Pro Bike Express

    Our Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide professional, secure, cost-effective bike and gear transport service for the Rocky Mountain cycling community. 

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