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Ok, it seems to be confusion on how Pro Bike Express’s 2015 schedule will work. So lets keep this process simple, We decided to create a 25.00 deposit in order to have athletes register in holding a spot. If we have 15 or more register for any one event then we would go and that money would be applied to the balance of the set pricing for Pro Bike Express as follows 199 / 229 / 269 / 299 based on what service and support you would like to use.

If we do not reach the 15 athletes bikes there will be the 25.00 covers our back expense of CC billing, bank and administration fees, or you can pay in full the amounts above and if we don’t receive enough interest in your event that you registered for there will be a $25.00 service fee charged to your account and we will credit back the balance of the service that you choose or you can transfer to any Pro Bike Express Event down in the future.



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